6th Congress of the Branch of Physicochemistry, Structure and Design of Proteins

2017 edition. City of Durango, Durango.

Proteins are vital parts of living organisms, since they are the main components of metabolic routes and signaling pathways that transmit the information that sustains the cellular life. The study of these mechanisms is in charge of the proteomics whose technical advances have allowed to break methodological barriers to test new hypotheses. Among the available methods for the study of proteins are highlighted; electrophoresis, sequencing, cloning, hybridization, crystallography and "in silico" assays. Therefore, this congress analyzes and discusses the advances made with the structural and spatial organization of proteins, as well as their interactions with other biomolecules.

The Branch of Physical chemistry, Structure and Protein Design of the Mexican Society of Biochemistry is made up of a scientific community interested in generating multidisciplinary discussion forums on the role played by the dynamics, folding and evolution of proteins in their function. In addition, to deepen this area of ​​research, this group of enthusiastic collaborators have formed the Network of Structure, Function and Evolution of Proteins (REFEP). This community has grown significantly in the last decades and in all its events the attendees has been greater to 200 people, of which the undergraduate and graduate students represent more than 50% of the assistants and they contribute that spark of enthusiasm to the handling of the new technologies.

For this reason, we have the pleasure to invite the National and International Scientific Community to share this congress, with the participation of leading researches in the different areas of study of proteins, who have made important contribution through experimental and computational approaches.

On this occasion, we expect them in the City of Durango, Mexico from 6 to 10 November.

The organizing committee.


Auditorio Universitario
Bruno Martínez.
Zona Centro, C.P. 34000.
Durango, Dgo.